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Grills & Diffusers

Grills Registers Linear Bar Grills & Registers Linear Slot Diffusers Ceiling Diffusers (Square & Round)

Disk Valves
Louvers Jet Diffusers Volume Control Dampers Non Return Dampers VCD Handels

Insulated,Non Insulated & Rigid Ducts


Threaded Rod, Nut & Washer


Anti Vibration Accessories


Fiber Glass Insulation & Board
Accoustic Liner

Fiber glass isulation for Ducting purpose.
Available Brands : KIMMCO & EXEED.


Duct Liner for sound proof in Airconditioning Ducting.
Available Brands : KIMMCO & EXEED.


Aluminium Foil Tape

Specially formulated pressure sensitive acrylic adhensive aluminium foil tape. Excellent for use as vapour sealing of breglass duct boards and sheet metal ducts. Ideal for use as masking material or for sealing purpose on any dry clean surface.
Available Size :
2"(width|) x 25 Yard(Length) 24 Pcs/Box
3"(width|) x 25 Yard(Length) 16 Pcs/Box


Canvas Cloth
Adhesives & Sealants

Canvas Cloth for Ducting 60z, 80z.


Foster 30-60
Weather Coat 30-36
Duct Glue 81-10
Silicone Sealant (Grey, White & Clear)


Flexible Duct Connector


Stuck Up Pin