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Reciprocating, Scroll & Rotary Comprossors

Weather Gulf Air Condotion Trading LLC is a huge stockiest of Bristol, Copeland, Tecumesh reciprocating, Copeland & Danfoss Scroll Compressors and LG, Mitsubisshi, Panasonic & Samsung Rotary Compressors.


Condenser Fan Motor

Available all type of Condenser fan motors & Blower motors of world class brands like A.O.Smith, Marathon, Genteq, Kulthron, GE & Elco.



Motor Capacitor, Compressor Capacitor, Starting Capacitor, Running Capacitors.


Filter Driers & Drier Coress
Condensor & Evaporater Cleaning Chemicals

All size of filter driers in threaded type and brazing type for Air-Condiotioning and Chiller.
Brands :
CASTLE (Made in Italy) EMERSON(Made in USA)


Brands :


Expansion Valves & Solenoid Valves With Coil
Thermostats & FCU Valves

Available various size of Solenoid Valves for Air Conditioning.
Coils Voltage :110V & 220V


Brands :
Honeywell (Made in USA)
Johnson Controls


Shut Off Valve & Liquid Line Indicator
Flow Switch

Brands :
CASTLE (Made in Italy)
P & M (Made in TAIWAN)


Brands :
Johnson Controls


Copper Pipes

Clean Caped and Nitrogenised
Temper : Hard Drawn
Specification : ASTM B280


Copper Fittings and Brass Fittings

Copper Fittings Brass Fittings

90 deg Elbow 45 deg Elbow

Tee Socket P Trap U Bend

Male Adaptor Female Adaptor

Short Nut Long Nut Union

Reducing Union


Copper Coils

Clean Caped and Nitrogenised
Temper : Soft Annealed
Specification : ASTM B-280


Complete Range of Rubber Insulation & Rubber Sheets

Gulf-o-flex is a premium quality closed cell elastomeric Rubber Insulation for Air conditioning installation, Refregiration Works, Heating Applications and Cold & Hot water pipe insulations etc. It stands extreme temprature ranging from - 40 deg c to +120 deg c.


Refrigerant Gas


Weather Gulf Aircondion Trading LLC is a huge stockist of Refrigerant Gas R-22, R-134A, R-404A, R407C.

Black Tape
Harris Brazing Rods

High quality PVC Black Tape with glue using for Rubber Insulations.


Brazing Rod for copper : 0%, 15%, 45%(Flux Coated)